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Comment on Oasis Erotic Massage

What are people saying about us?

Guillermo from USA
OASIS erotic maassage

Lugar limpio, seguro y tranquilo. Los chicos son divinos, hay para todos los gustos. Opcion valida para pasarla bien sin tanta vuelta

Clean, safe and quiet, very good models and really you spent good times. just get it to the point.

May 31, 2012

Comment on Hispalis Sauna

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Sexapilocho from Los Angeles
Sauna Hisplalis

I was just there and had a great time . I saw a few foreigners POLAND ISRAEL USA GERMANY around MAY 1 which was a holiday and the club was crowded there is a new labyrinth and it is pitch dark for those who really don't care who they are meeting .If you lie down naked with your ass up in the air they really do not take the hint. The.bar has been renovated it looks nicer even more handsome guys than 2 yrs ago. If you have trouble having an erection or keep one take Viagra they like to touch the merchandise and if you are llimp. they will walk away I saw a gorgeous guy probably an American posing against the wall please do not wait for a written invitation just get into the labyrinth and do what you want they love white guys and they will stick to you like bees on honey so don't be shy

May 11, 2012

Comment on Hispalis Sauna

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espectacular lugar yo vivi en costa rica

May 03, 2012

Comment on Las Termas de Paris

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Paul from Miami

Dirty and unkempt, not recommended ...

April 15, 2012

Comment on Oasis Erotic Massage

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Brad Jones from Miami, FL

How far is Oasis Massage from San Jose airport?

April 06, 2012

Comment on Hooking up in Costa Rica

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Alan from San Francisco, United States
Hooking up

I had a lot of success in meeting boys and hooking up at Club Oh and Bochinche. They will be able to tell right away that your not a local and I think there is something appealing about that. I live in San Francisco and have some street smarts about me so I found it fairly safe to hook up, but I think the advice above is good and you can never be too safe.

I brought by Ipod touch with me so I could get online (wifi at hotel). I didnt try using my cell phone because I didn't want to incur additional charges. I found Grindr, dudesnunde.com, and A4A to be pretty active. I met a lot of great boys online, some that I hooked up with, others just chatted. Since you just cant walk out on to the street and find a gay man, I think online is the best way to discover the gay culture here. I would suggest start looking before you get to Costa Rica and putting your vacation plans on your profile in order to find boys and start chatting. By using these sites I found very few (almost none) in norther Costa Rica and most were either near Manual Antonio or in San Jose. You occasionally find other gay travelers who are in your city and using Grindr, A4A etc.

Overall San Jose (and the rest of the country) for that matter aren't very open to the gay culture. Yes there are a few gay bars/clubs in San Jose, but they dont have a gay neighborhood or even a stretch with your typical gay bookstore coffee shop, etc. The gay culture is still hidden away.

February 26, 2012

Comment on Hispalis Sauna

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Alan from San Francisco, United States

This place is great! Had a cab take me here which was a good idea because at night its a quiet deserted area. The outside is not labeled with anything, just the building number. You have to buzzed to be let inside. The attendant was very friendly and understood English. Pay to get in which included unlimited towels, sandals, and a key to a locker. The locker room is similar to a gym locker room. Next to the locker room is a weight room. The rest of the place is a like a typical sex club (rooms, hot tub, pool, dark maze, sauna, steam room, showers, porn playing).

Some cool features about this place is they have a steam room maze, which got a lot of action while I was there. They also have a bar which also serves food. Just tell the bartender what you want and you pay for it later when you leave (like a bar tab), which is nice because you dont need to carry cash. The beers were pretty reasonable.

Like others have said this place gets busy earlier. It was busy when I got there at 6pm and by 10pm everyone had left (they close at Midnight). I would disagree that the crowd is all younger. I would say its mixed, but there was more boys in there 20's then ive seen other sex clubs. Condoms aren't as readily available as they are in sex clubs in the states, but they are available for purchase at the front. I was also amazed about how clean this place is.

February 26, 2012

Comment on Bochinche

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Alan from San Francisco, United States

Great place to dance and hang out. Multi-level bar/club. I heard this is the place to go after going to Club Oh (which is what I did). But I also heard boys going here earlier and staying here for the night. I think they stay open all night... or at least until 6am. The upstairs has a bar and downstairs is a dance floor and another bar.

Music here tends to be mostly Top 40 (compared to Club Oh which is a mix of Top 40 and techno). Mostly a younger crowd 21-30ish. They do have a cover charge, but I forget how much it is. Great place to hook up! I would highly recommend this place. Like all bars/clubs in this area you must take a cab to get here and leave!

They also have some food in the front room if you get there early.

February 26, 2012

Comment on Hispalis Sauna

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Costa Rica Gay Map

Thanks for the note on the location Charles. I've corrected it on the map. Enjoy!

February 02, 2012

Comment on Hispalis Sauna

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Charles from Albuquerque, NM USA

Location on google maps is incorrect.
The entrance is located on the south side of Ave Segunda between Calle 17 and Calle 19 it is the blue door with grafitti and the number 1762 above it.

What a wonderful place. If you like hot Latin men with big uncut cocks, then this is the place to find them.

February 02, 2012

Comment on Playita Gay Beach

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Gary Courtney from Canada
Gay Beach

I go to Manuel Antonio about 3 times a year. The Playita Beach is no longer nude as nude beaches are illegal in CR, but it is still mostly gay - although there are straight tourists from the hotel behind the beach. A lot of gay people now also gather at the north end of the main beach, which is just south of Playita Beach - where there is nothing but jungle behind the beach and no issues about climbing over the rocks at high tide to reach it. Both areas are great - although not naked.

January 29, 2012

Comment on Hispalis Sauna

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henry from usa
Hispalis gay sauna COSTA RICA

Yes trere is a bathhouse in San Jose COSTA RICA unlike the ones in the states the crowd is young mostly in their 20's .If on your visit you get tire of beaches ,volcanos water rafting ;etc and want to have a little bit of gay tlc go to this sauna , americans and europeans very welcome. You'll get a pair of slippers ,$10 admission fee ,very safe ,smoking in just one area and unlike the states no rooms to rent all cubicles are for free and all full in the afternoons , the guys having a jolly good time as for safe sex 50/50. The maze is a must ,that is where all the action is at and unlike the baths in the States it gets crowded in the afternoon between 2pm and 7pm.tHE CROWD IS MIXED LIKE IN ANY BATHHOUSE AROUND THE WORLD FROM THE VERY HANDSOME TO THE TROLLS FROM THE 20 SOMETHINGS TO THE 60 SOMETHING , THE S and M crowd(stand and model)attitude the same as everywhere else over all worth it if you feel on the hot side and like latin boys if you dont like brown skin do not fret there are plenty of white costa rican and beautiful ones .The location is around the museum and the door is painted blue.ENYOY IT

January 14, 2012

Comment on

What are people saying about us?

Tom from U.S.A
gay area

Hello, are there any gay bars/clubs near the allegra papagayo hotel

December 28, 2011

Comment on Oasis Erotic Massage

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Costa Rica Cruiser from Puerto Viejo
Eager to please

I tried this place out a few weeks ago and was very "satisfied". Rates $30-$40 for "full meal deal". Have fun!

October 20, 2011

Comment on Gecko Trail Costa Rica

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Tim & Dave from El Cerrito, Ca
Our recent trip to Costa Rica

We worked a couple of months with Ernesto - Gecko Travel's Rep. He was very patient with us as we worked through all alternatives for the locations we *thought* we wanted to travel to and the various adventures offerred at each location. We were very concerned about the methods of traveling (intracountry buses and taxi's) and about actually having people meeting us when they said they'd be there. Rest assured - it was incredibly smooth. Every time someone was to meet us they were there - on time or even early a couple of times! There is "system" they use specifcially set up for us tourists and worked incredibly well.

As far as what we did, liked, etc: -- we were in the country for 12 days:

San Jose : The Poas Vocano, Dakota Coffee Plantation, and la Paz Waterfall park -- This really was a wonderful excursion. It takes all day after being picked up at 7:30 AM. There were only 6 of us & the Guide (who was with us the entire day & spoke perfect English). We hit the Poas Volcano on a beautiful clear day - unusual according to the guide, or more like "lucky". It was awesome -- and actually much much better than Arenal. You hike to the rim of the crater and peer down into its bubbling green lake. The Dakota coffee plantation was a nice stop along the way before the volcano. We got a (free) decent breakfast & wonderful coffee and learnt how coffee is harvested. The La Paz Waterfall park was equally awesome - a must do if you stay in San Jose and have a full day. Really beautiful wildlife and the climax of some really beautiful waterfalls -- which you cannot swim in; only pictures.

The next day we set off for the 2-day Pacquare River Rafting trip. This turned out to be the highlight of the trip … and only because we did the 2-day trip which includes an overnight stay at a (upscale) Tent Camp. Being the off season, we were the only 2 on this guided trip; so we were basically 1 on 1 with the main Guide (Puluche), his guide-in-training (Gabby), and the out-in-front in-case-of-emergency Kayaker (Kenneth - who spoke English). The drive to the launching area was an even longer drive than what the 1-dayer's did because they only do about 17 miles whereas the overnighters do 22 miles of river -- class 4 rapids. The long 1-hour drive DOWN into the Canyon was potentially a scene out of a Horror movie (e.g., 2 tourists in an old beat-up 4x4 with 1 person who spoke English drigin for 1.5 hours down a dirt road behind multiple gates. lol.) After 2-3 hours of rafting, we of course stopped at the tent camp and assisted in hauling the provisions up to the camp (food, drinks, linens, our overnight stuff, etc.). PS - by RAFTING I mean WE ALL DO THE WORK. WE ALL PADDLE AS THE GUIDE BARKS INSTRUCTIONS. We had the camp to ourself and our tent overlooked the river, which was a soothing sound at night for sleeping. We saw Fireflies (luciernagas). Geckos. Beautful flowering plants. All tents are raised platforms & have actual beds with mattresses and linens and pillows. Not the best - but hey, it worked fine. The guides did all the cooking - lunch upon arrival, and AWESOME dinner (fresh sea bass & chicken) & Wine, and the typical breakfast (eggs, fruit, sausages, beans & rice, juice.) Then we hauled everything back down to the raft and we were off for the 2nd day. We were on a timeline to meet up with that day's 1-day rafting groups for a group lunch. So after like 2+ hours of rafting & stopping at secret waterfalls & large pools of water to swim in we met the "groups". Ugh, 8 people in a raft with a Guide? Uh, no thanks .. glad there was only 4 of us in our raft. After lunch and another 2 hours of rapids we were back at the Exploradades Center to pick up our luggage, which was secured overnight.

Then off via a small bus to Puerto Viejo - stayed at Banana Azul. This is on the Caribean coast, right on the ocean, and was very HOT (September). A really nice place, albeit very open and a bit "noisy" if you have "active" neighbirs to your room … which we did .. up and walking around all night, sitting on their balcony smoking at night, etc. They were probably the worst part of our stay. They have a very nice restaurant on-site with a different menu each night - for $14 each. We did the Kayaking trip through the jungle which was very fun. It's on a 2-person Kayak and we saw lots of jungle life -- including a Sloth that actually came down out of the tree. We sat there for 10 mins., snapping pics & video. Downtown Puerto Viejo is just a small town with a lot of tourist traps. We heard about a restauraunt called "Bread & Chocolate" and wanted to give it a try, but were unable to make it in for breakfast or lunch given our schedule. We also did the "3 in 1" tour: Animal Rescue, Chocolate Farm, and Waterfall - frankly, this was a bust after everything we did to this point. The Animal Rescue is really just a small ZOO. Too much emphasis in things that were disinteresting to us; yea we saw a couple of howler monkeys in the trees. Being in the cage WITH the monkeys was a treat. But for 1.5 hours it was really not worth the HEAT. Then the journey to the Waterfall was long and the hike DOWN into the canyon was LONG & difficult & slippery in spots. The Waterfall is realtively small and very difficult to get into the pool to swim -- and at this point we had been in really wonderful waterfalls and pools (see above). So we would pass on this excursion if we had it to do again given what we had already done. In town we ate at the red neon upstairs restaurant (Rios something) which was a BUST. The food really sucked. The "fried Calamari" was a rubber dish of tasteless goo and inedible. Each of our main dishes were pretty bad as well. The only thing going for it was a nice view of the street life and they had 2 for 1 drink specials.

Then we were off to La Fortuna (Arenal) - stayed at Los Lagos. A pretentious up-scale resort with a lot of swimming pools & hot springs. we stayed at the very top of the hill -- the "view rooms". Heads up: They are too far away from the main part of the resort to WALK. They have 2 Shuttles that basically run 24x7 to pick you up and bring you to wherever you are trying to get to in the resort .. like the swimming area, dining area, etc. They can sometimes take 15 mins. to pick you up … if not require a 2nd phone call to the desk. Frankly, it would have been better to stay downtown some place and not in this sterile and snooty environment. the loud & "bad spanish singing" by the bartenders at the pool-side bar was enough to chase away anyone. I didn't get the point; maybe they were trying to make it Disneyland-esq? We did the Arenal Volcano "tour" & Tabcon Hot Springs on the 2nd day here. It was also a BUST. It POURED on us. The operators refused to cancel the tour. After getting there we couldn't see the Volcano the entire trip for all the fog & rain. I was miserable and damp; even with the rain gear. After we hiked in the dark back to the van, they dropped us off at the Tabacon Hot Springs. This was kinda nice, but being dark, we couldn't see much as we strolled around the warm (not HOT) freshwater pools. Would probably be nice to see it during the day. Included was a really nice Buffett - finally some food different than what we had been eating the previous week. This was the only trip with any "confusion" - and it had to do with being "handed off" to another driver. But it worked out as we got back to our room around 10 PM and exhausted --- only to be kept awake by a group of 8 or 10 Asian guys who decided their world was more important than our sleep! I asked them nicely to quiet down. Nada. They were LOUD until 2 AM. I even called the front desk pleading for "help" … the front desk could do nothing for us. Glad to check out of that hole the next morning.

Then off on a long bus ride to Manuel Antonio - stayed at Villa Roca, which is about 4 miles outside Quepos, so it is dead in this area. This was a really nice (Gay) resort, but only 3 rooms filled. Beautiful infinity pool to sit by over a beer. And Joseph was really a sweetheart. We chatted with him most of the 2 days we were by the pool or bar. We did the Snorkeling excursion which turned out much better than we had anticpated. We were grouped with about 20 Dutch tourists which made it really fun. We saw some really cool fish and saw Whales breach and porpois. It included a really nice lunch and all the beer you wanted. We met the 1 guide named Miner. He was pretty funny and personable. The only other thing we "tried" to do was take a bus and go into the National Parque (Jungle) by ourself -- without prearranging it. It was a total Bust and I don't recommend trying it. There are a ton of "local" scammers that will accost you outside the park and demand that you pay them to be your "GUIDE" … even if you simply want to go in by yourself. It was very intimidating - we walked away and never saw the park.

Then it was a small plane ride from Quepos back to a final night in San Jose. This was very cool to see the area from above. 30 mins. later we arrived in San Jose and hired a Taxi to get us to Casa 69; downtown San Jose. It cost us $20 for the Taxi. That night we ventured out to walk around and find a couple of (gay) bars. We went to Avispa, which was OK .. but not much of an American Dance Club given its size. And it was ear-splitting LOUD! The few people dancing on the floor were "partner dancing" to Latin music. Then to Bochinches - but they wanted $4 each to get in and we had not planned to stay long; so passed. There is also Puchas in the same area - which we assume is some sort of Gay strip club. The streets felt very safe to walk around - especially given the various "warnings" about not going out alone at night. We saw Police everywhere and never felt threatened. Oh, and Casa 69 - well, very very noisy due to the Trains that run right in front of it from 7 AM to 7 PM (or so). The "free/included" breakfast was NOT included contrary to what our travel documents said. But being under new ownership there was probably miscommunication what WAS included (continental only).

So to recap, great trip and very friendly people.

- Do use Gecko Travel !! Trust them. They were awesome.
- Do the Poas & la Paz Waterfall park
- Do the 2 day raft trip & tent camp (not the 1 day)
- Do Banana Azul, but try for Room #1 if possible. While there, do the River Kayaking but skip the 3 in 1 Waterfall, Animal Rescue, Chocolate place.
- If you wish to save $$ on accomodations in Puerto Viejo, there are MANY MANY choices to stay at just outside town. We saw places as cheap as $15/night on the south end of town.
- If you actually see Poas on a clear day, skip Arenal altogether … probably shrowded, very hot and probably rain - or just do a DAY trip to Tabacon .. or even just stay THERE.
- Definitely do both: Bus ride between towns and a plane ride back to San Jose for your final.
- Take a bunch of $1 bills for tipping. Every tour will "nag" you for tips at the end of the excursion - and they do deserve a couple of $$. Don't tip in restaurants - tips are already included. (unless you get special service).
- And you don't have to pre-book the excursions during the off-season. All of the resorts/hotels have the same "packages" that you can arrange when you get there. That way if you're tired or the weather doesn't suit the excursion (e.g., RAINING), you don't have to waste the money.
- They all advertise "free WiFi" at the hotels/resorts … but it is spotty at times, but overall was there for my use on a cell phone.
- The mosquitos were nowhere NEAR as bad as we had anticipated. One of us got like 8 bites over the 12 days, I got 3 … Just use the netting over the beds when it's available.

I'll put my reviews on TripAdvisor.com for the specific places we stayed if you wish to search the place over there.

Pura Vida !!

October 05, 2011

Comment on Liquid Lounge

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Evelyn & David from Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Noisy Neighbor

Dear El,
Our guests have lost sleep the last 3 nights in a row. When you moved into our neighborhood you made some promises you aren't keeping. Your Noisy Neighbor flyer wasn't in the spirit of being a good neighbor either. It's 11 pm and no one is answering your phone at the bar We have to talk.

Evelyn & David

September 17, 2011

Comment on Manuel-Antonio, Central-Pacific-Coast

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Adam from chicago, usa
La Mansion Inn / nice place and gay friendly

My partner and I stayed at La Mansion Inn in Manuel Antonio and felt completely comfortable throughout our stay. While not a "gay" hotel, it is open and welcoming to all and the staff were all incredibly friendly (a few of them were also cute. smile.)

June 30, 2011

Comment on Zona Rosa

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Quevarasdemae from San José
Cabinas, play y acción

Muy cerca de las paradas de buses de Tibás, se encuentra un lugar con cabinas que muestran videos pornográficos ¿Qué tipo de cosas suceden ahí?

La fachada del edificio es de un color intenso; intermedio entre el verde y el azul marino, un tono sacado de una de esas nuevas paletas de color infinitas. El nombre del sitio también tiene un color como protagonista, Rest. Zona Rosa; custodiado por el omnipresente logotipo del águila. Un portón metálico resguarda la entrada; que consiste en unas escaleras que llevan a un segundo piso. En el área de cobro un mostrador pequeño y al lado unos estantes donde una docena de reproductores de DVD muestran una gran cantidad de dígitos luminosos. Es claro desde el inicio que el lugar consta de dos zonas separadas, en la parte de el frente un bar , y en la zona trasera las cabinas con videos. Para el uso del área de video se cobran 2500 colones, la entrada al bar es gratis.

Las cabinas están iluminadas por televisores que muestran continuamente pornografía. El material que se exhibe y la organización de cada una de estás cabinas a lo largo del edificio parece ser obra de una mente de negocios entrenada. Los primeros televisores al inicio del pasillo presentan pornografía heterosexual, luego después de girar y seguir hasta el fondo se encuentran dos televisores más, uno de ellos muestra imágenes de sexo con transexuales y otro pornografía homosexual. El lugar pretende complacer a un público amplio, aunque la mezcla no deja de parecer extraña. Hay además un piso más, al que se accede saliendo a un patio interior, en este piso varios televisores muestran solo imágenes de sexo homosexual.

La condición del sitio no es buena, las puertas están plagadas de huecos; señal inequívoca de la constante presencia de mirones, las paredes repletas de textos y números de teléfono. Los pisos son dispares y sucios, los asientos irregulares. El particular tercer piso es de madera y los ventiladores apenas pueden con dificultad aplacar el calor provocado por el exterior forrado de lámina metálica. Solo el área del bar parece estar en buenas condiciones.

¿Qué tipo de personas visitan el lugar? es difícil decirlo, el día de mi visita llovió mucho, era temprano y además inicio de semana. Pude ver a varios hombres mayores de 50 años, algunos jóvenes y otros adultos. A la zona del bar incluso llegan mujeres. Los hombres en las cabinas cierran la puerta normalmente, otros solamente caminan viendo desde afuera. Tal vez el local sea más concurrido de noche, pero por la zona en que se encuentra ubicado no me atreví a quedarme mucho tiempo, es Calle 2 Avenida 7 y 9. Lo que si es un atractivo es la atmosfera mórbida, que puede atraer a mucha gente, suerte.

June 05, 2011

Comment on Gecko Trail Costa Rica

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Steve & Phil from Florida USA

We had a excellent time on our 25th anniversary. Gecko made it happen without any flaws. Would highly recommend anyone use them for their trip. Ernesto was the best. Loved Costa Rica and the people. Will be back with friends.

May 14, 2011

Comment on Costa Rica Guesthouse

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Marlone from California (USA)
A hotel Gay friendly in San José !!!

Fun and gay friendly...This guesthouse is very funny...Receptionist, owner...

April 26, 2011

Comment on Gecko Trail Costa Rica

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Stephan Wininger from Nashville, TN USA
Thank You Gecko Trail Adventures!

Don't hesitate to utilize Gecko Trail's talented and professional staff to plan every detail of your Costa Rican vacation!

Everything went flawlessly and I could not be happier with all they did on my behalf to ensure a wonderful vacation. I highly doubt any other agency could be more informed or helpful.

Ernesto's patience and prompt responses to each and every question during the planning phase of my two week vacation was comforting and most reassuring.

Once I arrived in San José, I immediately took a regional Nature Air flight to San Manuel/Quepos for a week at the beach. Then a second Nature Air flight to La Fortuna to visit Arenal Volcano and Tabacón Thermal Springs Resort and Spa. Finally a third flight Nature Air flight back to San José where I enjoyed the last few nights of my Costa Rican vacation.

Gecko Trail's staff's attention to detail ensured each and every connection was perfectly choreographed and each hotel reservation perfect. Ernesto even had cabs waiting for me when appropriate. How nice not have to worry about any details!

On my next trip to Costa Rica, I will definitely be using Gecko Trail Adventures again. Soon, very soon!

Thanks again Gecko Trail Adventures!

April 18, 2011

Comment on Gecko Trail Costa Rica

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Brian from Chicago
CR Trip with Gecko

I arranged my entire trip through Gecko based on feedback from friends that had used them before. It took about a month of working with them, looking into their advice and some research on my own but I basically had my entire trip booked via Gecko before I went. Everything was as smooth as could be and I enjoyed the trip immensely.

Some MUSTS are Tabacon if you are in Fortuna and the zip line canopy tour in Monteverde. Relaxing on the beach in Manuel Antonio was also very nice.

I only had 1 small problem on the trip with confusion at one hotel whether breakfast was included. It only took one quick email to Gecko and they resolved it with the hotel. It was the hotel's mistake.

Highly recommend Gecko to help plan a fun trip to CR!!

March 15, 2011

Comment on Gecko Trail Costa Rica

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M Waugh from Canada
So helpful.

We used Gecko to help plan our trip. We provided them with the places we wanted to go and what we wanted to see ..... we had a hassle free vacation and amazing two weeks in Costa Rica. I have already recommended this firm to others. Thanks guys for making our vacation so special.

March 07, 2011

Comment on Gecko Trail Costa Rica

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Brian from New Jersey

Our 10 night custom vacation was spectacular thanks to Ernesto at Gecko putting it all together. Out trip included 4 cities: San Jose, Manuel Antonio, Arenal and Santa Ana. We had a mix of active days and others for relaxation so we reutrned home refreshed. The only suggestion I would make for those who can pack light (<40 lbs) and afford it is to fly between destinations rather than take the tourist vans. These trips can be between 4 and 5 hours with air taking about 30 minutes.

March 07, 2011

Comment on Gecko Trail Costa Rica

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David from Winnipeg, Canada
Thanks to Ernesto and Gecko Trail Adventures!

My trip went really well. All the details planned by you at Gecko went flawlessly. A couple comments to keep in mind when you are dealing with other tourists follow:

1. The Arenal Volcano area is quite beautiful with great hiking and other activities available, but don't expect to see the top of the volcano as it is almost always cloud covered.

2. Of my two excursions on my full day in the Arenal area, the first one (the horseback ride to the La Paz Waterful operated by Desafio) was very scenic and nice, but I was the only English speaking person on the three-person tour so the guide primarily spoke Spanish. In fact he really only spoke to one person so it didn't seem he was telling us much of anything about the nature and scenery we were passing. The second excursion (the Arenal Volcano Hike operated by PVT) was excellent. The guide was amazing at pointing out and explaining so much. Our group members were also quite fit so he took us on a longer more challenging hike. I gave him a big tip!

3. In Manuel Antonio National Park, a lot of the trails are closed so if somebody wants to do lot of hiking they have to go around the barricades and hike the closed trails themselves (that's what I did). Manuel Antonio is beautiful.

4. Colours Oasis Resort is nice and a good gay place to stay in San Jose. It is easy to meet people there (especially as a solo traveller) so you can go with people on excursions into the city. I'm not sure I would have wanted to do too much in the city by myself ... at least not at night. Breakfasts were very good. Other food and drink was excellent but a bit pricey.

5. Hotel Mandarina is a nice place to say. It is gay-friendly but definitely not gay ... but that's good too. The people working there were really friendly and knowledgeable about the area whether it was the park, the beach, the clubs (including gay ones), etc. The room I had in the Hotel Mandarina was so beautifully decorated (somewhat modernist) that it was a real pleasure to stay there. There are no views from the rooms, but that's fine, you can just walk across the street. The breakfasts were excellent.

Overall the trip was excellent. I really enjoyed everything. I would definitely recommend Manuel Antonio as an area to visit. On a previous trip I went to Playa Grande and it was great too. The Arenal Volcano was alright to visit as long as you can accept you won't see the top of the volcano or any eruptions. I'm glad I went to Manuel Antonio on your recommendation instead of the cloud forest (there were enough clouds on the way to the volcano from San Jose and at the volcano).

Thank you for arranging everything. I would definitely use your services again.

February 22, 2011

Comment on El 13

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Quevarasdemae from San José
El 13, chiquitito pero matón

Recientemente alguien me comentó en un correo sobre un bar llamado El 13. La verdad al inicio decidí dejar al susodicho bar en la parte de abajo de mí lista de temas para escribir, pero una conversación con un amigo me hizo cambian de idea.

Una de las primeras cosas que me causó curiosidad fue la dirección del lugar, siempre que le pregunta a alguien; me topaba con las misma oración: ….diagonal a Puchos… bueno en mí memoria los únicos lugares en diagonal a Puchos eran un minisuper y un venta de emparedados, después de preguntar un poco más; alguien me dijo que esa venta de emparedados había evolucionado en forma de bar. Yo ya conocía el lugar; al menos en su forma primaria de sandwichería. Hace casi un año había comido ahí, una o dos veces.

Un fin de semana que anime a ir de noche a ver como era la cosa, escogí un domingo y temprano como a las 8 p.m. Después de hacer el viaje; desistí un poco antes de llegar, persuadido por el molote de gente en la acera y los chuicas viejos (como telas) que colgaban al frente del sitio. En una extraña coincidencia el día que había elegido era un 13, el 13 de febrero un día antes del día de los pepiados. Decidí ir en otra oportunidad al bar, preferiblemente entre semana, motivado en parte por mi errónea elección de fecha. He de recordar que ni los centros comerciales eran lugares tranquilos ese día; invadidos por los globos en forma corazón, las tarjetas de colores pastel y las canciones románticas.

El miércoles siguiente me apersone en El 13 como a las nueve de la noche, fui acompañado. Descubrí que el lugar recibió una considerable ampliación desde sus días de venta de sándwiches, caben muchas personas más adentro; sin llegar a ser enorme. La atención es buena; y a parte de tomar se puede comer algo en un ambiente tranquilo y relajado. Hay una puerta y varias ventanas que dan al exterior directamente, algo un tanto inédito dentro de los bares gay de San José y más o menos común en los sitios gay friendly . Me entere que el bar fue cerrado una vez, debido a que las personas consumen licor en la acera, cosa que es ilegal en este país. Fuera de ese incidente el sitio es muy tranquilo.

No hay una gran diferencia entre El 13 que vendía sándwiches y El 13 actual que también vende licor. Incluso siguen abriendo de día. Quizás lo bueno de este lugar es el ambiente relajado, sobre todo entre semana. El bar invita a la conversación y además atrae a visitantes variados. La gran concurrencia los fines de semana se debe seguramente a su cercanía con Puchos y el Bochinche. Creo sinceramente que este tipo de sitios prosperaran en el futuro, debido en parte a que atraen a las personas que se sienten un poco fuera de lugar en las discos. No será mi ultima visita… sobre todo porque el primer día que fui conocí a alguien y me divertí mucho.

February 21, 2011

Comment on Gaia Hotel and Reserve

What are people saying about us?

Wayne Howington from Miami USA
Gaia is not gay friendly

Recent a friend stayed there for two nights. On the second night he invited myself and two other guest back to his room for a drink. We were turned away by someone who didn't even have the courtesy to face us. If we had been two men with two women it would not have been a problem.

February 16, 2011

Comment on Hispalis Sauna

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Quevarasdemae from San José
Club Hispalis

Híspalis es un sauna gay que se encuentra muy cerca del Museo Nacional en Avenida Segunda, justo al frente de las vías del tren. Después de pasar la entrada, en la recepción uno es provisto de un paño, una llave y unas sandalias.

La zona de los casilleros esta bien iluminada y normalmente limpia, libre de toallas sucias. Una vez que uno se cambia y guarda sus pertenecías; puede ingresar al lugar. La norma de vestimenta en el sitio es de solamente una toalla en la cintura. Hay días especiales llamados nudistas, miércoles y viernes en el calendario actual, donde lo único que se puede usar es un pequeño cuadrado de tela de más o menos 15cm de lado, que también proveen en recepción, los más intrépidos pueden dejar el cuadrado de tela en el casillero, algunos lo hacen.

Un pequeño pasillo se extiende en la primera parte del local, a cada lado de este hay varias entradas. De un lado los accesos llevan a tres cabinas privadas que tienen televisores que muestran pornografía. Del otro lado las entradas llevan a un pequeño y simple laberinto oscuro. Al final del pasillo, después de cruzar una cortina se ve un área más abierta, ahí hay: dos duchas, dos sanitarios y una puerta de madera que lleva al sauna seco, también en esta zona se encuentra otra puerta que lleva a un sauna normal. Al seguir el recorrido y pasar las duchas, hay otras cabinas privadas más pequeñas que no disponen de televisión.

Al fondo del lugar se encuentra el bar, que es bastante amplio, con una barra y algunas mesas. Un área de lectura esta justo al lado, siempre están los periódicos del día ahí. Una piscina, dos duchas y un jacuzzi completan la parte más social del lugar. El resto del edificio; alberga otro laberinto que es a su vez un sauna de vapor, este se interconecta con el laberinto oscuro y una de las áreas de cabinas.

La clientela del lugar es muy variada, desde hombres jóvenes hasta adultos mayores. La afluencia de personas también es un poco impredecible, aunque el día más concurrido es el sábado. Normalmente se puede tener suerte con los encuentros en Híspalis, eso si es mejor ir con tiempo. Algunos días el público es muy bajo, así que disponer de más tiempo da más opciones.

La mayoría de hombres que atienden el lugar son siempre amables, uno que otro a veces se muestra un poco mal humorado, pero es cosa rara. La tarifa de entrada es de 5000 mil colones, puede ser alta si usted solo va estar solo dos horas ahí, de hecho es el mismo precio de una entrada al Imax o el mismo que cuatro Imperiales en un bar (al tipo de cambio actual de la Cervecería). Híspalis también cuenta con un parqueo propio, por el que hay que pagar un monto extra por hora.

January 28, 2011

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