Who wrote all this info? Took these photos? Who can I thank?!

Costa Rica Gay Map is a community based effort which has come together through the efforts of many people who gave generously of their time and creativity and knowledge to create the most comprehensive information source for the LGBT community in Costa Rica. So thank them for us hey?


Dutch travel website Bluezzz was born from a passion for traveling and discovering the heavenly places on earth. Swaying coconut palms on deserted beaches. Azure seas, bright blue skies and turquoise lakes.

Colin Brownlee

Colin Brownlee lives in Puerto Viejo where he has built and runs Hotel Banana Azul.

Costa Rica Tourism Board

The official Costa Rica tourism site www.visitcostarica.com has lots of useful information and great photos.

Ernesto Calderon

Ernesto was raised in California to Tico parents but came back to his home country as an adult and fell in love with it and stayed. He operates Ernesto's by Gecko Trail Adventures specializing in LGBT travel.

Josh at Vagabloggers

Josh contributed some interesting pics of San Jose at night. A former work-addicted business exec turned full-time vagabond, volunteer, blogger and adventure seeker. Red head. Dork. Adrenaline junkie. Blogs at vagabloggers.

Keven Peoples

Keven Peoples lives in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast. He designed our logo as well as contributing some great pics!

Manhunt Costa Rica

Hookup site which has shared some sexy photos of guys in Costa Rica. Follow them on facebook here.

Manuel Pinto

Manuel Pinto is a real estate agent and photographer originally from France who is a longtime resident of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. You can find more photo on his photography website at www.manuel-pinto.com. His real estate company is Caribe Sur Real Estate.


QueVarasdeMae is a 100% gay blog from Costa Rica. Read more at quevarasdemae.wordpress.com

Tico Times

The Tico Times is an online English language newspaper aimed at expats living in and travelers to Costa Rica. The are gay friendly and often cover topics of interest to the LGBT community. Read more at www.TicoTimes.net or check out their photo album of the 2014 pride parade here.


TicoPassion is a gringo living in the central valley of Costa Rica who loves to explore the gay spots of Costa Rica and has "given us the goods" for many places!

Wandering Hedonist

The Wandering Hedonist's name is Quico Sierra and he is addicted to pleasurable pursuits. He recently moved from NYC to work and live in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Did we forget anyone?

There are many more people who have contributed to the site by adding listings, answering questions in the comments, pointing out things we've missed and much more.

We regret that some of those names are lost to memory! But if you know of a photo or text which should be credited on the site and isn't please contact us and let us know.