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Banana Azul
Duenos Gay Caribe Playa
Lo Mejor de Gay Costa Rica

Hotel con 14 habitaciones en una parte tranquila de Playa Negra. Hay piscina y una variedad de habitaciones así podria eligir que quieres: baño con tina, patio grande con vista del mar, cocineta, television. Personal amable (gay y straight) hará que usted se sienta cómodo y bien cuidado.

Banana Azul también recibe a los visitantes gays y lesbianas de la zona, incluso si no son huespedes de Banana Azul, para disfrutar nuestras sillas de playa y sombrillas en el Beach Club / bar / restaurante.


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What are people saying about us?

Michael and D'Angelo from La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Gay Friendly Hotel Puerto Viejo

Hey Guys! If you're looking for something gay or gay friendly in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica, then look no farther than Hotel Banana Azul. Many hotels say they're gay friendly for marketing purposes but Banana Azul is the real deal. Gay OWNED and OPERATED and the staff understands, so if you're heading to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and you want to stay with family, Banana Azul just may be the place....and guess what?....even if you're NOT gay...still the place to stay.

November 20, 2010

What are people saying about us?

Mark Rodgers from Fullerton, CA USA
Banana Azul!!

After driving through the little ganga infused village of Puerto Viejo, to the end of the road, we conclude that we missed our lodging and turn around. Driving down a rain soaked, pot holed dirt road we found it. Heaven! From our second floor deck we can watch and hear the waves crashing against the beach. Looking at the clientele we are clearly the only gay guys here. Mostly young honeymooners. But it's all good. Pura Vida right?
Up on our deck we are drinking local rum and decorating the railings with twinkle lights. It's a deck shared with one other room so we're imagining a kinky dutch lesbian couple - two kids walk out and introduce themselves. That night we have dinner at the Inn and our bartender Franklin hooks my iPOD up to the bar sound system and we listen to our Banana Azul Mix. Ynez the cook makes an incredible Caribbean beef and rice. She is so sweet, she invited me into the kitchen to show me how she makes it. She's so proud to show us! I go back to the room and bring down a bottle of California wine for the kitchen and bar staff.

It's Saturday morning and we decide to buckle up and drive south to Panama. Or at least as far as the coastal road will take us. We go through Puerto Viejo, Punta Uva and the road ends at Manzanilla. It's only 30 minutes from Banana on a dirt road but the beaches get prettier and prettier. We park and pay this little gimpy old man 1000¢ to 'watch' our car. It's a very nice beach. Lava out croppings, blue blue water and the occasional cute Tico. Billy and I had lunch at a cool little place called Maxi's and of course he takes a photo of his food, and some cute boys in speedos at the bar. God love him.

Being somewhat of an experienced traveler and realizing you can't always get the things locally that you are accustomed to, I brought my own stash California wine to present as thoughtful gifts and a handle of duty free Tanquerey Gin. Our bartender Franklin is a young friendly dude and his happy to keep my gin hidden at the bar, so I end up only having to pay for mixers. So while Billy is busy uploading the days photos to his blog, I head down to the bar and write in my journal. Franklin makes me a cocktail and schools me on proper Costa Rican spanish (It's rude to say 'De Nada') and I teach him dirty words in english. We meet a young couple from North Carolina; Scott and Michelle. After we all have Ynez's fresh caught grilled ahi we relax in the spa, with Franklin pouring drinks and playing our iPOD mixes - we're getting a little drunk. The night guard makes us turn off our music, and powers off the spa. I guess some guests think that by 9:30pm you should just be in bed listening to crickets. (or whatever creatures are making all that noise) We totally respect that, besides our little cabina is separate from the main house, so we can afford to drink a little more and get a little noisier. Until Señor de la Guardia de Seguridad comes to our place to tell us to pipe down.

February 28, 2010

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