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Street address Calle 3a, Av 7 y 9 puerta azul al lado de UPSSA Travel

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 GPS lat: 9° 56.241', long: -85° 55.43'

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Blue Door Massage

Massage for men by men

Comments on Blue Door Massage

What are people saying about us?tic√≥filo     May 03, 2013

Only 1 room and it's not so clean. The guys are not too friendly but are very cute. José and Carlos, who work together, opened up the place specially for me when I called them on a Sunday. Open when Oasis is closed.

What are people saying about us?andre from costarrica     March 31, 2013

hi to all I have to respectfully say that the place is not very welcoming muycha however there are security and visited the place once a week for a long and never lost any thing and I can not say the room oasis because in two occasions I lost money on that clear leaving the boys are serving good massage is actually good and others this week come two new package they already have a place of their own facebook if want's take one vistaso charlyf_99 @ hotmail. com

What are people saying about us?ticopassion     February 09, 2013

walked by this place twice this week.both times the guy that runs the place, opened the gate and motioned to me that he wanted to suck my cock as i walked down the me hard. on eday i will take him up on his offer. the other time we asked about massage and there were 5 masseurs waiting for and bothered, this is the place for you....

What are people saying about us?ticopassion     February 06, 2013 careful of this place. the price goes up and down like the stock market. one day the massge was $50, then $30 then $20. previous ads i have seen for this place advertised the massage for $20. mind you, it is probably just to get you hard and then jerk u off. if you are into seedy places and just want a sex massage then this is it. not very clean. however, some of the 'masseurs' are HOT.
You will need to shout through the curtain to let them know you are outside.

What are people saying about us?address correction     ticopassion     January 19, 2013

It is on Calle 3 A,(between Calle 3 and Calle 5) between 7th and 9th Avenue.

What are people saying about us?Costa Rica Gay Map     January 19, 2013

Thanks for the corrected address info! I've made the correction on the map.

What are people saying about us?Hours?     Keith from Walker     February 24, 2013

What days and hours are you open??

What are people saying about us?A little seedy     Costa Rica Cruiser from san jose     January 12, 2013

Was expecting better quality. guys were not sexy. Place was dirty. Massage was horrible. They usually do local guys just looking for sex. Oasis is better.