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Street address 75 mts Este del Museo Nacional Casa #1762.

8 telephone digit numbers are in Costa Rica. If dialing from outside CR, you need to start with country code 506. 2256-9540

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 GPS lat: 9° 55.916', long: -85° 55.76'

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Hispalis Sauna

Largest and most popular of all saunas in San Jose. Mixed crowd. Bar, Restaurant, Cruising Areas, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Room. 7 Days a week Noon - 1am. Wednesdays are Naked Nights. Note: saunas in Costa Rica tend to be busier early evening and after work versus late night

Comments on Hispalis Sauna

What are people saying about us?Alberto from costa rica     August 04, 2014

Hi! There is a new bath house opening this week... that is true. I also know the place where it is going to open but not the exact location and I am going to drive over place to see if I find it... It is suposse to be much better than the rest of bath houses in san jose. If you guys want to be up to date with the news just let me know and I will try to find out everything about the new place.. guess you have my e-mail so dont be shy.. :)

What are people saying about us?Costa Rica Gay Map     August 05, 2014

Thanks for the update and offer to help visitors! If you have any info on places opening or closing or changed please let me know at as well. The new sauna is already listed on the map here. If anyone has been yet and has a review please leave a comment on that page!

What are people saying about us?New Spa you were going to check out     Len from Jacksonville, FL     August 15, 2014

Would love to know about it and the location. My friend and I are coming down on Tuesday, August 19. Thanks, Len

What are people saying about us?McDermont from Puerto Vallarta     July 28, 2014

Don't go on Mondays after 8:00 pm. It will be almost empty and very high chances you won't have a happy ending.

The place is pretty ok, but don't expect the quality of American or European saunas. The facilities are becoming old, but look reasonable clean.

What are people saying about us?Texas Boy     June 14, 2014

Went last night for naked night.... Overall, I had a good time but it does not take much for me to really enjoy myself. I arrived about 9pm and it was not popping at all... Every site says the rush is from 2-7 so maybe I missed it.. Who knows, anyways since it was my first time I was taken a back by all the nakedness and luckily Rudi the bar tender was at the front and spoke some english and was super sweet! Drinks were strong as well as I had 2 to loosen up. I played a little here and there and was impressed with how huge this place is! However, the creme of the crop was no where to be found. I settled and had threeway with 2 guys that got the job done. I am more than planning to go back on naked night Wednesday to hopefully see some difference from Friday. It is really what you make of it and while I do not suggest everyone settles do not play and dabble too long.. Guys clear out quick after they cum.

What are people saying about us?new bathhouse coming!     Howard from Toronto, Canada     February 23, 2014

I just overheard a conversation of a couple of locals that there is a new bathhouse coming to San Jose. Supposedly run by some locals and Americans and will be the hottest new thing to hit the town. Supposedly it is near all of the nightlclubs downtown. Cannot wait as Hispalis is tired looking.

What are people saying about us?HISPALIS IS NOT AS GOOD AS PEOPLE CLAIM     CRISTOBAL from FRANCE     April 09, 2014

I went there 3 times in mid March. It was not as packed as some people try to make us think, and the average age is more towards 40-45 than early 20's. Besides, the action is only limited to the maze. Good thing that as a foreigner I was approached by a horny young guy and another one more hunky twice out the 3 times I went there. Overall, there not so much gay life in San José. Not a Gay Paradise yet, but still worth it if you are lucky... But if you do not speak Spanish, it might be a big problem...

What are people saying about us?mason07 from Monterrey, Mexico     May 20, 2014

Hope this is true, I'll be visiting in august. Will you update if you hear any news?

What are people saying about us?gaychubSJO     January 29, 2014

Went there today - naked night is fun! They literally give you a small face cloth for the mess and to save *some* dignity. hehe. Nice mix of old, young, skinny, chub, bear - all welcome it seems. Nice and clean, the labrynth steam room saw plenty of action and the bar is super cheap and a nice place to let it all hang out - literally. floor can get slippery so be careful - the entrance to the sauna is correctly listed here - i walked past it a few times, but its pretty much east of the hotel and museo nacional. wouldn't reccomend walking around here at night, so taxi is best...
nice, clean, fun and hot tico's... You will love it!

What are people saying about us?ticopassion     February 09, 2013

wednesday and fridays are naked night. you h
get a wash cloth to hang from your cock...btw..the bar is a great place to hang out and chat and watch the parade go by...great renovation...the food is great too!!!
love going on saturdays...just a nice flow of guys going thru...not so busy that u r constantly bumping into everyone...very relaxing...i usually hang out for 3-4 hours... staff is very friendly...

What are people saying about us?TICOPASSION     February 09, 2013 was a tuesday afternoon around 4 pm...not so busyt. maybe 20 guys. the very hot (nica worker)whom i have been after for awhile was cleaning one of the rooms. i walked in, and he went down o his knees, turned him around an dfucked him. no words exchanged...fuckin hot scene...shot our loads and he went back to work....HOT!

What are people saying about us?Ticopassion     Dave     December 06, 2013

When are you going to take me there? I;d love to experience this place!!!!! I'd love to get really sweaty in the sauna!

What are people saying about us?Jose     September 14, 2012

Hi..I'm traveling to San Jose due trip and I'm wondering if the area is safe? Ill be going alone, and if it is worth it..I like twinks and don't want to arrive to see that the only thing there is, are old guys

What are people saying about us?Sauna Hisplalis     Sexapilocho from Los Angeles     May 11, 2012

I was just there and had a great time . I saw a few foreigners POLAND ISRAEL USA GERMANY around MAY 1 which was a holiday and the club was crowded there is a new labyrinth and it is pitch dark for those who really don't care who they are meeting .If you lie down naked with your ass up in the air they really do not take the hint. has been renovated it looks nicer even more handsome guys than 2 yrs ago. If you have trouble having an erection or keep one take Viagra they like to touch the merchandise and if you are llimp. they will walk away I saw a gorgeous guy probably an American posing against the wall please do not wait for a written invitation just get into the labyrinth and do what you want they love white guys and they will stick to you like bees on honey so don't be shy

What are people saying about us?MAURICIO RIVERA from COLOMBIA     May 03, 2012

espectacular lugar yo vivi en costa rica

What are people saying about us?Alan from San Francisco, United States     February 26, 2012

This place is great! Had a cab take me here which was a good idea because at night its a quiet deserted area. The outside is not labeled with anything, just the building number. You have to buzzed to be let inside. The attendant was very friendly and understood English. Pay to get in which included unlimited towels, sandals, and a key to a locker. The locker room is similar to a gym locker room. Next to the locker room is a weight room. The rest of the place is a like a typical sex club (rooms, hot tub, pool, dark maze, sauna, steam room, showers, porn playing).

Some cool features about this place is they have a steam room maze, which got a lot of action while I was there. They also have a bar which also serves food. Just tell the bartender what you want and you pay for it later when you leave (like a bar tab), which is nice because you dont need to carry cash. The beers were pretty reasonable.

Like others have said this place gets busy earlier. It was busy when I got there at 6pm and by 10pm everyone had left (they close at Midnight). I would disagree that the crowd is all younger. I would say its mixed, but there was more boys in there 20's then ive seen other sex clubs. Condoms aren't as readily available as they are in sex clubs in the states, but they are available for purchase at the front. I was also amazed about how clean this place is.

What are people saying about us?location     Charles from Albuquerque, NM USA     February 02, 2012

Location on google maps is incorrect.
The entrance is located on the south side of Ave Segunda between Calle 17 and Calle 19 it is the blue door with grafitti and the number 1762 above it.

What a wonderful place. If you like hot Latin men with big uncut cocks, then this is the place to find them.

What are people saying about us?Doug     February 02, 2012

Thanks for the note on the location Charles. I've corrected it on the map. Enjoy!

What are people saying about us?Hispalis gay sauna COSTA RICA     henry from usa     January 14, 2012

Yes trere is a bathhouse in San Jose COSTA RICA unlike the ones in the states the crowd is young mostly in their 20's .If on your visit you get tire of beaches ,volcanos water rafting ;etc and want to have a little bit of gay tlc go to this sauna , americans and europeans very welcome. You'll get a pair of slippers ,$10 admission fee ,very safe ,smoking in just one area and unlike the states no rooms to rent all cubicles are for free and all full in the afternoons , the guys having a jolly good time as for safe sex 50/50. The maze is a must ,that is where all the action is at and unlike the baths in the States it gets crowded in the afternoon between 2pm and 7pm.tHE CROWD IS MIXED LIKE IN ANY BATHHOUSE AROUND THE WORLD FROM THE VERY HANDSOME TO THE TROLLS FROM THE 20 SOMETHINGS TO THE 60 SOMETHING , THE S and M crowd(stand and model)attitude the same as everywhere else over all worth it if you feel on the hot side and like latin boys if you dont like brown skin do not fret there are plenty of white costa rican and beautiful ones .The location is around the museum and the door is painted blue.ENYOY IT

What are people saying about us?Club Hispalis     Quevarasdemae from San José     January 28, 2011

Híspalis es un sauna gay que se encuentra muy cerca del Museo Nacional en Avenida Segunda, justo al frente de las vías del tren. Después de pasar la entrada, en la recepción uno es provisto de un paño, una llave y unas sandalias.

La zona de los casilleros esta bien iluminada y normalmente limpia, libre de toallas sucias. Una vez que uno se cambia y guarda sus pertenecías; puede ingresar al lugar. La norma de vestimenta en el sitio es de solamente una toalla en la cintura. Hay días especiales llamados nudistas, miércoles y viernes en el calendario actual, donde lo único que se puede usar es un pequeño cuadrado de tela de más o menos 15cm de lado, que también proveen en recepción, los más intrépidos pueden dejar el cuadrado de tela en el casillero, algunos lo hacen.

Un pequeño pasillo se extiende en la primera parte del local, a cada lado de este hay varias entradas. De un lado los accesos llevan a tres cabinas privadas que tienen televisores que muestran pornografía. Del otro lado las entradas llevan a un pequeño y simple laberinto oscuro. Al Show more

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