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Playita Gay Beach

The gay beach, called Playita (or little beach) by all, is often spoken of for what it once was: an isolated little beach, surrounded by nature, clothing optional, with cruising behind the beach. Since the 2007 opening of a hotel directly behind the beach, the gay beach is now a section at the end of the beach beyond the hotel and the hotel has been known to call the police when nudity is seen. Public access to this beach is to walk west (away from the park) along Playa Espadilla and cross the rocks. This crossing is not safe within several hours of high tide so check the tide tables before you go and plan your coming and go accordingly.


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Gary Courtney from Canada
Gay Beach

I go to Manuel Antonio about 3 times a year. The Playita Beach is no longer nude as nude beaches are illegal in CR, but it is still mostly gay - although there are straight tourists from the hotel behind the beach. A lot of gay people now also gather at the north end of the main beach, which is just south of Playita Beach - where there is nothing but jungle behind the beach and no issues about climbing over the rocks at high tide to reach it. Both areas are great - although not naked.

January 29, 2012

What are people saying about us?

D'Angelo & Michael
Nude beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

December 03, 2008

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